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Become a Trime trainer
Join Sweden’s only fitness and wellness marketplace where you remain your own boss!

You get all the benefits of being on a larger platform like free nationwide marketing, bigger customer pool, corporate gigs, sponsored events, and coaching by leading fitness influencers, at the same time keeping all the decision powers on your business with you. You decide what workouts you want to offer, what price you want to charge, when and where you want to work.


Your Business – Your Rules 


No joining fee & no monthly subscription

Manage your whole business in one app 

Always get paid & 24h cancellation fee 

Grow your business faster

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Message from our founder & commander in chief

Pawel Krupa

Pawel Krupa,
Certified Personal Trainer

The idea of Trime came from my own experience as a self-employed Personal Trainer for 10 years. I deeply enjoy training, developing new fitness routines and most importantly my customers and following them on their fitness journey, however I was always frustrated by the fact that a huge portion of my time went to boring administration tasks like scheduling, rescheduling, messaging, marketing and promotion, invoicing, chasing payments and accounting. It took time but most importantly energy and pleasure from working out with my customers. Hence, I decided to create Trime, to elevate my fitness business and help other trainers and coaches to focus on what is most important in their daily routine, helping their customers. I welcome you to join me on our vision to revolutionise the fitness and personal training industry in Sweden & beyond.

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