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Unlimited access to group classes each month in Studio by Trime central location.

The most personal membership there is!

Unlock the full potential of your fitness journey with our tailored membership plans. Choose BASE for foundational access to our group classes and expert trainers, CORE for a comprehensive fitness experience with unlimited classes and gym access, or go VIP for the ultimate in personalized training, wellness benefits, and exclusive perks. Each tier is crafted to support your health and fitness goals in Stockholm's most inspiring gym environment. Step up your game—select the membership that resonates with your ambition and let's start sculpting your success story today.

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Monthly membership

Monthly subscription, 1 month binding time.

By signing up for the studio by trime's membership, you will agree to the memberships terms. Read here


Variety of classes


Explore a diverse range of over 20+ classes/week tailored to your interests and goals. See schedule here

Top Coaches

To ensure quality of our classes, we handpicked coaches who has 10+ years of experience and personal charisma that is hard to find anywhere else!


Individual approach

With only 10 people/class you get a personalized approach in each class.


New Classes

We are constantly innovating to keep it interesting! A new class concept is on the way (you don't want to miss this).



We believe that with community, everything becomes much better, which is why it is our main focus.


4.96 rating on Bruce

We are confident in the quality of our studio, which is backed by Bruce! 

Base Membership
Core Membership

14 Days Trial Period

VIP  Membership

Class Schedule


Experience one-on-one PT lessons with hand-picked trainers who bring 10+ years of experience to the table and are truly dedicated to creating a personalized plan that shows you exactly how to get where you want to be.

The best part? If you are a  VIP member, a PT session are included in the subscription plan!

Read more about our coaches here.


One PT class, select any coach of your preference here for your PT class session.

Perfect for those who has a specific question or are curious to try a PT session for the first time.




5 PT sessions will allow going more thoroughly  into specifics of what you would like to focus on and see progression faster. 

*Split payment options are available. Contact us here for more information. 




For those who are truly dedicated and would like to take their progression to the next level.

*Split payment options are available. Contact us here for more information. 





Experience Our Bootcamps!

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