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The Studio

Opened since February 2022, the Studio was created in collaboration with Atunya Performance to become a health and wellness hub for coaches and their customers. Centrally located in Vasastan, the Studio is perfect for coaches looking to rent some space for their sessions.

Make it your gym!

Rent the Studio (excl. VAT 25%)

Looking for a space for your event or group classes?  Rent the Studio according to your needs.

Off-peak hours

Monday - Friday: 08.00-11:30, 13.00-16.30, 19.00-21.00

Saturday: 08-10.00, 13.00-21.00

Sunday: All day

250 SEK / Hour

Peak hours

Monday - Friday: 11:30-13.00, 16.30-19.00

Saturday: 10.00-13.00

Digital rent studio + equipment

450 SEK / Hour

500 SEK / Hour

As a personal trainer, rent the studio monthly depending on the number of sessions that you have. Maximum 2 or 3 personal trainers with customers are allowed at the same time. Available when there are no other classes.

5 sessions per week (20 sessions per month)

12 sessions per week (48 sessions per month)

30 sessions per week (120 sessions per month)

1000 SEK / Month

2000 SEK / Month

3000 SEK / Month

20 sessions per week (80 sessions per month)

4000 SEK / Month

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