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Our Team, Your Champions.

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Meet your fitness champions at Trime Studio, where our certified coaches go beyond training to motivate and guide you towards your health goals. With expertise in strength, mobility, and nutrition, we tailor your journey to peak fitness. Join us and unlock a stronger, more vibrant you.


Pawel is well established PT and group coach as well as head coach of The trime studio. His extensive knowledge of training & movement comes from long career as a professional dancer and 15+ years of experience as a coach and dance teacher.

His expertise is in HIIT, HIT, functional training, mobility, strength & performance training with focus on personalising training programs to his customers specific needs and goals.


For her, training is both therapy and joy, vital for mental and physical well-being from a young age. Her journey from dance to fitness and bodybuilding fueled her to teach swimming and martial arts early on, later becoming a certified group instructor and personal trainer.

She aims to make training enjoyable for everyone, urging you to embrace challenges and find your favorite workout. Your goals are her mission—let's begin today.


He is a certified personal trainer and a Sports Psychology graduate from Loughborough University, experienced in working with a diverse clientele, from novices embarking on their fitness journey to elite athletes aiming to elevate their performance.

He holds the conviction that with appropriate guidance and support, anyone can reach their fitness goals and embrace a healthy, active lifestyle.


Her passion lies in training, finding her zone and solace in the rhythm of workouts. From her early days in team sports like floorball to recognizing exercise's transformative power, she embarked on a fitness career. Now, with five years as a group instructor and multiple Les Mills certifications, plus personal training experience, her mission is clear.

She's dedicated to boosting your self-esteem, strength, and overall well-being, challenging you to surpass your own expectations. Her belief in your potential is unwavering, ready to guide you towards realizing your capabilities. Let's embark on this journey together.


For him, movement is the essence of life. Andreas is deeply motivated to guide others on their fitness path, helping clients enhance their well-being, agility, and strength. Whether the goal is weight loss, muscle gain, athletic improvement, or pain relief, he possesses the expertise and resources needed. Experience his approach at TRIME and embark on your transformative journey!

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