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Pawel is well established PT and group coach as well as head coach of The Studio by Trime. His extensive knowledge of training & movement comes from long career as a professional dancer and 15+ years of experience as a coach and dance teacher.

His expertise is in HIIT, HIT, functional training, mobility, strength & performance training with focus on personalising training programs to his customers specific needs and goals.

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Energetic and passionate coach with over 10yrs experience in UK and Poland. Experienced in teaching group fitness and 1on1 classes. My comfort area is high intensity training, strength training and flexibility development. I have practiced yoga, pilates, crossfit, calisthenics and many other forms of movement myself. I help people prioritize their health and transform their body&mind.

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For me, movement is the foundation of life. Andreas has always been inspired to help others on their fitness journey, assisting clients in feeling better, moving faster, and getting stronger. Whether it's about losing weight, gaining muscle mass, improving your athletic performance, or addressing pain, I have the tools and resources to assist you. Give me a try through TRIME, and let's get started!

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Training for me is therapy, joy and well-being. At an early age, I understood that training would be of great importance to me, both mentally and physically.
Training was introduced early. I started dancing then went over to athletics, martial arts, crossfit and now fitness/bodybuilding.
Working with training came naturally. I started instructing in swimming and martial arts in my teens to of course educate myself further as group instructor and personal trainer around 2 years ago.
My goal is for you to find joy in training or maintain it. Dare to continue to challenge yourself, fail and then succeed. Dare to try to find your favorite exercise or way to exercise.
Your goal is my goal! Let’s start today!

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Stefan has been part of the fitness world since a young age starting off with skate/snowboarding for several years until he entered the realms of martial arts.This was the startsignal for a new passion followed by Thai-boxing and MMA (mixed mamixed martial arts) and years of competitions and bruises.

Expanding his sporting interests to BJJ (brasilian jiu jutsu) and CrossFit, Stefan found his passion for helping others become the best version of themselves, and to teach them to find their true power

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