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Membership & conditions

General terms and conditions for membership, bootcamps, PT sessions and other services at Trime Studio owned by Trime AB (Org. nr: 559190-2399 registered at Hammarby allé 51B, 120 30 Stockholm ) as well as terms and conditions for purchases in online stores linked to The terms apply from 1 March 2024 until further notice and replace previous terms.

1. General

1.1 These general conditions apply to membership, bootcamps, PT sessions and other services of Trime Studio (hereafter “Studio”) between the person (hereafter "member") named in the membership agreement or the natural person who uses a temporary and time-limited membership that runs without a membership agreement and Trime AB. These general conditions are considered to form an integral part of the membership agreement.

1.2 These general conditions also apply in applicable parts between the natural or legal person who visits or purchases from Trime AB (559190-2399) via the website or external online store linked to the website. Registration and payment are valid as a signature for the membership agreement.

1.3 In addition to these general terms and conditions, special terms and conditions may also apply to a particular service or offer.

1.4 The Studio has the right to change the stated membership conditions.

2. Act (2005:59) on distance contracts and Off-Premises Contracts / Obligation to repay


2.1 Trime AB complies with the Distance Contracts Act when purchasing via our website.

2.2 Provided that the service/training has not been started/activated, the member has the right to receive back the amount paid for goods and services during the cooling-off period. The cancellation period refers to 14 days from the day the membership agreement is entered into, the so-called time of purchase. Within 14 days from the time of purchase, a member who is a private person has the right to notify Trime AB in writing if he/she has regretted his/her purchase. This is done in accordance with chapter 2 § 10 and § 12 of the Distance Contracts Act

2.3 If the member has exercised his right of cancellation, the amount he has paid for the item will be refunded as soon as possible or at the latest within 14 days from the day we received the item or, if it is a service, the notification that the member has changed his mind. This is done in accordance with § 14 of the Distance Contracts Act.

2.4 The right of withdrawal does not apply to Bootcamps or other events/activities that refer to a time-limited period and/or are carried out on specific days, see chapter. 2. Section 11, point 12 of the Distance Contracts Act.

2.5 See also the Swedish Consumer Agency and the Distance Contracts Act, as well as the EU's common dispute resolution page

3. Monthly Membership


3.1 The membership is charged monthly in advance.

3.2 All agreements have a notice period of 1 months (deviations may occur, e.g. in the case of agreements with a binding period). The request for termination is sent to and ends 1 months after a confirmation is sent back to the member.

3.3 Cards paid in cash expire automatically if they are not renewed.

3.4. Fixed-term and non-fixed-term memberships can be upgraded to a more extensive membership. When upgrading an already bound membership, the remaining binding period remains.

3.5 Downgrading can only be done on a membership without a commitment period. Such a request must be sent to The change takes place 1 month after a confirmation is sent back to the member.

3.6 Membership prices from campaigns and special offers are valid during the period specified when signing up for the membership, after the specified period the membership automatically changes to an unbound until further notice agreement with the then valid price list.


4. Bootcamps

4.1 Bootcamps are paid in advance. The money is deducted directly from the member's card at the time of purchase and is valid for the period covered by the Bootcamp. Membership ends automatically after the Bootcamp end date.

4.2 Registration for Bootcamps is binding and is not covered by the right of withdrawal.


5. Personal Training

5.1 When purchasing Personal Training, all occasions are paid in advance, unless otherwise agreed between the member and The Studio.

5.2 The purchased PT opportunities must be used during the validity period specified at the time of purchase, otherwise the purchased opportunities are lost.

5.3 Cancellation/re-booking of PT sessions must take place at least 24 hours before the agreed time, otherwise the session will be lost.

5.4 See special conditions for PT occasions regarding right of withdrawal, etc.

6. Member's responsibility

6.1 Membership can be applied for by anyone who
- is of legal age or has had his membership approved by a guardian,
- are at least 18 years old at the time of signing the membership agreement and
- has a general state of health which allows physical training without an obvious risk of injury or ill-health.
6.2 The member must be able to prove his identity at each training session by showing valid identification.
6.3 The member is responsible for ensuring that his/her state of health is such that training with the Studio can be carried out risk-free.
6.4 The member is responsible for his own health and safety in connection with a stay in Studio’s premises and undertakes to follow all of Studio’s written and oral safety regulations, rules of order and instructions.
6.5 The member is well aware that a training facility constitutes an environment where moments of risk occur. The member always bears responsibility for his actions, decisions and the consequences thereof.
6.6 All training takes place at your own risk.
6.7 The membership is personal, valid from the start date specified in the issued invoice, as well as to the extent and for the period for which the Member has committed (binding period) and which is also specified before registration.
6.8 The Studio hereby informs that documentation of the training may be documented in the form of images and/or films for future use.
6.9 Storage of material taken (clothes, shoes, bags, watches and other valuables) is the responsibility of the member himself. If the Member forgets belongings in the Studio’s facility after regular closing hours, Studio has the right to store the belongings. The member is obliged to retrieve forgotten belongings within seven days. Studio cannot be held responsible for any loss of such belongings, even during the said period.

7. The Studio’s responsibility

7.1 Studio is not responsible for obstacles in or limitation of member's training opportunities which is due to circumstances beyond Studio’s control and which could not reasonably have been foreseen, avoided or overcome, such as fire, water or other major damage to Studio's premises, strike, lockout, natural disaster, risk of infection, extreme weather conditions or authority's decision.
7.2 Studio is not responsible for injuries or accidents that the member accidentally causes during his stay in Studio’s premises.
7.3 Studio is not responsible for and does not compensate for loss or damage to things that the member brings into Studio's premises. This applies regardless of how the belongings are stored.
7.4 Studio handles your personal data in accordance with current regulations for GDPR. Please read point 15.

8. Contract changes

8.1 The member accepts that Studio has the unilateral right to change opening hours, training schedules, membership fees and the general conditions of the membership agreement with binding effect for the member. In the event of such a change in membership fees or general terms and conditions, Studio will inform the member of the change via website, email or via information in Studio premises no later than 14 days before the change takes effect.
8.2 If Studio implements significant changes that affect the member negatively, the member has the right to terminate his membership agreement. This can be done even if the binding period for the membership agreement has not expired.
8.3 Special termination according to point 4.2 can only take place if the member notifies Studio no later than five days before the change(s) are implemented.
8.4 Upon termination according to point 4.2, the membership agreement is terminated from and including the date on which the change is implemented. The member must receive written confirmation from Studio via e-mail.
8.5 Studio has the right to block the membership for a certain period of time or terminate the membership agreement with immediate effect, if the member significantly violates the membership conditions. Material breaches of the terms and conditions include: a) non-payment of membership fee and/or other fees, b) breach of the member's obligations according to the membership agreement which is not insignificant, c) breach of the doping regulations in point.

9. Training

9.1 The member accepts and undertakes to follow all instructions and calls from Studio staff regarding the member's training, health and actions. Disobedience by member
one can lead to the member being suspended, partially or completely, from training sessions and/or from Studio premises.
9.2 The member accepts that it is not always possible for Studio to be able to offer access to the activity, venue or training equipment desired by the member.
9.3 The member accepts that Studio’s premises may at unspecified times be closed to the member for one or more days in a row due to renovations, training or other activities to which the member cannot be guaranteed access.
9.4 In the above-mentioned case, the member has no right to demand any form of compensation or refund of membership fee.
9.5 Member undertake not to use drugs or steroids. Violation of this clause may result in suspension without refund of membership fee.

10. Fees and Payment

10.1 The member or the member's guardian undertakes to pay attention to and follow at all times applicable payment instructions and price lists that Studio provides orally, in print, electronically or via Studio’s website.
10.2 The member pays the fee for account/credit/direct debit membership on an ongoing basis.
10.3 Payment for Studio's services is made in advance unless otherwise agreed between Studio and the member.
10.4 In case of monthly payment via account/credit card and direct debit, the member undertakes to ensure that sufficient funds are available in the member's account on the day of transfer.
10.5 In case of non-payment of the membership fee, Studio has the right to charge the member an invoicing fee and a reminder fee, as well as, where applicable, additional fees for debt collection and late payment interest.

11. Termination of membership agreement

11.1 After any binding period for membership has expired, the member may terminate his unbound membership at any time with one month’s notice.
11.2 Upon termination of membership, the member pays for the month that includes the date of termination, as well as for the subsequent month.
11.3 Studio has the right to suspend the Member for a certain period of time or terminate the membership agreement with immediate effect if the Member substantially violates 
the membership agreement in the following cases and does not, upon request by Studio, undertake sufficient correction;
- mismanages payment of monthly fees and others, or
- violates safety or order rules or instructions given by Studio staff so that there is a risk of ill health or personal injury to the member or others or damage to exercise equipment occurs or may occur.

12. Children and minors
12.1 Children under the age of 18 may only stay in Studio premises under the supervision of a guardian and under the guardian's responsibility.

13. No photography
13.1 In Studio premises, members are prohibited from photographing or otherwise documenting other members and their activities without their express consent.

14. Information and Notices
14.1 Studio will send information to the member primarily via e-mail to the member's specified e-mail address. Information or notice is considered to have reached the member no later than the second business day after sending.
14.2 The member is obliged to notify Studio of changes in the member's contact details or information so that payment can be made.

15. Personal data
15.1 Studio processes the member's personal data in accordance with GDPR for the purpose of maintaining membership and member service as well as fulfilling Studios obligations towards the member. The purposes of the track transaction are i) administration of payments, ii) provision of classes and statistics, iii) communication of important information, offers and news about the business.

15.2 We process the data that the member voluntarily provided to us and these are stored in our systems for as long as the membership runs and as long as required according to statutory storage times or necessary according to other legitimate interests.

15.3 The member can at any time notify the restriction or revocation of his consent for Studio to handle the member's personal data, or request an extract of which personal data is stored by emailing

15.4 Passwords and bank and payment card details are encrypted in the business system and no staff at Studios or our suppliers have access to these details.

15.5 Sometimes we photograph and film during the training sessions to use them in social media and on the website. You can notify us at any time if you do not want to be included in these.

16. Consent to Recurring Payments
16.1 The member agrees that withdrawals may be made from the specified account/card at the request of the receiver Trime AB for transfer to Trime AB.

17. Booking of group training
17.1 For participation in group training sessions, pre-registration is required by booking in the manner specified by Studio. Cancellation from a booked group training session can take place up to two hours before the scheduled start time of the group training session. 

18. Dispute
18.1 If a dispute arises between the member and Studio, the parties must first try to reach an agreement. If the parties cannot agree, the member can make a report to the General Complaints Board if the dispute is suitable for the board's examination. However, the member and Studio always have the right to request that the dispute be tried by a general court in Stockholm.
Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden (ARN) or PO Box 174, 101 23 Stockholm, alternatively to the European Commission's dispute resolution platform at

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